Digital Design Blueprint.

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Digital Design Blueprint is a design course that will teach you everything that you need to know about the world of designing. From basic image editing to image manipulation, from video editing to designing creatives for your next social media marketing campaign, this blueprint covers all the bases of designing.

This Blueprint course is divided into 12 different modules. And in each module, you’ll be learning new tricks that will help you on your design journey. The primary goal of this quick start DIY guide is to introduce you to the world of designing and help you to understand all the necessary and important aspects of it.
By the end of this course, you`ll know how to design a creative for your social media. Right from ideation to designing and posting it on your business page, this blueprint covers it all.

Course features:

  • Learn about the principles of designing .
  • Learn how to come with creative ideas for your designs.
  • Understand the difference between traditional, offline design & digital design.
  • Basic video editing and a lot of other design hacks
  • Explore the different types of design files & terminology.
  • Get tips to improve layout & find the colour combination.
  • Design your own stunning social posts and flyers using your own images and ideas.

Who is this Design Blueprint for?

  • Beginners and Non-designers who wish to take their first step in the world of designing.
  • Small business owners who maintain and run their business on social media but cannot afford a professional graphic designer.

Day 1

Module 1: Orientation
11.2 minutes

Welcome to the first video of your design blueprint course. In this video, we will be starting with a simple and basic introduction to the world of designing. In this video, we will be exploring why design is an important aspect of branding and communication.

Module 2: Course outline
6.07 min

In the second module, we will be going through what you will be learning in this course.

Module 3: Introduction to Digital Design
7.01 min

Design is important for any brand or business to grow. However, its importance only amplifies when it is used in the digital world as a communication tool. In this module, we will be exploring how digital design differs from traditional design and how both are similar yet different.

Module 4: Design principles

Design Principles are the basic fundamental rules that will help you and guide you throughout your design journey. They are the foundation for your designs. This module explores how these principles can shape your design.

Day 2

Module: 5 Design Elements
9.08 min

Design elements are all the different sets of units, colours, shapes, and sizes that are blended together to convey a well-structured message. In this module, we explore why choosing the right elements and placing them correctly is essential as even one poorly placed element can spoil the entire design.

Module: 6 Design Tools
6.25 Minutes

The Tensor Core GPU Architecture designed to Bring AI to Every Industry. Equipped with 640 Tensor Cores, Volta delivers over 100 teraflops per second (TFLOPS) of deep learning performance, over a 5X increase compared to prior generation NVIDIA Pascal architecture.

Module 7: File Types
6.31 min

In this module, I will help you to find which is the right file type to save your creations without compromising the quality or compressing the file.

Module 8: Canva Introduction
18.33 Min

Canva is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop design tool with great functionality. This tool has been a saviour for many people including me. And in this module, let me show you how this tool can save your digital campaign as well.

Day 3

Module 9: Canva 1
13.04 Min
Module 10: Canva 2
18.03 MIn
Module11: Canva video

In this video, we will be learning how to create and to edit basic videos in Canva without much hassle or headache.

Module 12: Ideation and way forward

In the final module of the course, I will share with you some important and secret tips that will help you to go a long way in your design journey. These tips will come in handy to come up with ideas for your design projects.

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Digital Design Blueprint.
4 out of 5
6 reviews