The Designer’s Guide to Colors

About Colour Palettes & Design

Colour Palettes & design is an associate design course that will help you get to get better at designing. This course includes a short guide to create, select, and finalise the perfect colour palette for your design projects.

What will you learn?

The primary goal of this quick DIY guide is to introduce you to the colourful side of designing and help you to understand the importance of picking the right colour palette for your designs.

By the end of this course, you`ll learn how to create your own colour palette and select the best ones for your design.

During the course, you will learn-

• Importance & impact of picking the right colours for your designs

• Colour theory & psychology

• Understand the difference between different colour shades & their applications

• Explore different techniques to create your own colour palette

Course Modules

Color Basics

In this Module, you will learn about the basics of Colors.

Color Palette
5.53 Min
Edited Color Palette
5.53 Min
Color System
8.03 Min
Color Tools- Part 1
Color Tools – Part 2

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Enrolled: 46 students
Duration: 50 Min
Lectures: 6
Video: 50 Min
Level: Beginner
The Designer’s Guide to Colors
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